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MAC Amplified Crème Lipstick in Up the Amp

29 Apr


The Impassioned lipstick is from the Amplified Crème range of lipsticks by MAC. MAC describes the shade as ‘Lavender Violet’ and it is a part of their permanent range. This is a lipstick that I find worth my pennies.


Swatched indoors, with natural light

I absolutely love the amplified crème range of lipsticks from MAC because of their texture and pigmentation. That’s why I got myself a few 🙂

But, Up the Amp is one of my favorites as it compliments my skin tone. Well,  I think it is a shade that would complement any skin tone, as long as you are confident enough to carry it off. I have owned a few lavender and purple lipsticks, but Up the Amp tops my list.

Why I love Up the Amp

  • It is highly pigmented.
  • It can be swiped on with a light hand for a subtle hint of color, or with a heavy hand for a more vibrant hue.
  • Though it is matte, it is not as drying as mattes usually are.
  • The lipstick has a staying power of 4 to 5 hours on my lips.
  • It fades evenly.


Photo courtesy Dominic Photography


Up the Amp is priced at 990 INR and 15 USD.

Have you tried Up the Amp? If you have, let me know your opinion about this bold shade from MAC.




Lotus Herbals Rosetone – Skin Toner

28 Apr


I recently picked up the Lotus Herbals Rosetone Rose Petals Skin Toner.

Many people argue about whether toners are necessary or just an unwanted expense. But, the reason for me writing about this particular toner is because of the ingredients in it. The toner has Rose , Tulsi and Aloe Vera. These ingredients have antiseptic, revitalizing and moisturizing properties which are good for your skin. The toner does not contain alcohol and that’s what drew me to it.

This toner moisturizes the skin. So, I skip the moisturizer at times, unless I need a sunscreen. Then I skip this toner. If you have very oily skin, this toner may not suit you. But it works well for dry skin. I personally have combination skin and that’s why I skip the moisturizer when I use Rosetone.

What I like about Rosetone and why I use it

  • It does not make your skin feel taut and stretched after application, but moisturizes skin
  • It does not have alcohol and does not sting your face, neither does it dry your face out like alcohol toners normally do
  • It helps maintain the skin’s pH balance
  • The fragrance is pleasant and wakes my skin up
  • The pump dispenser makes it easier to control the amount of the product you want to use
  • It rejuvenates my skin on a hot day. I usually carry it in my bag and spritz a little onto my skin and wipe away the day’s grease if I feel sweaty and greasy
  • It is affordable at 195 INR
  • It is easily available
  • The clear packaging lets me know how much product I have. I will know when it is time for a replacement


What you should know if you plan on buying Rosetone

  • If you have oily skin, you may not want to use this product as it moisturizes and can leave your skin feeling oily
  • Some combination skin types may not appreciate the moisturizing properties in this product, in summer; especially if you can’t do without a moisturizer. I skip the moisturizer when I use this.

How to use Rosetone

After cleansing, wipe face and neck with a cotton pad moistened with Rosetone.

Where you can buy Rosetone

This product is available at Health and Glow and any beauty outlet that sells Lotus Herbal products across India. You can also buy it online from these stores:

Other online stores like goodlife and healthkart have the toner, but their prices are higher (215 rupees).

If you try this toner, let me know what you think about it.


Maybelline’s Fatal Red Lipstick Review and Offers

26 Apr

Capture fatal redFatal Red is from Maybelline’s Color Sensational range of lipsticks. They have 68 shades to choose from but a couple of girls I know swear by Fatal Red. This lipstick is my friend, Ushus’ favorite Red. She loves red lipsticks, and for her to call this her favorite, sets the bar high enough for me to have her review it for anyone interested in a bold red lipstick that’s pocket friendly and worthy of being slapped on any pair of lips. I have included online offers and where you can get this lipstick at a discount, after the review.

Ushus’ opinion about Maybelline’s Fatal Red

This is my favorite red lipstick as I love blood red lips. The color is bold and I never feel short of a diva when I wear it. This is because the color goes so well with my dusky complexion. I have a warm undertone and this shade looks great on me, but I know it will suit cooler skin tones too.


Pros of Maybelline’s Fatal Red

  • Suits any Indian skin tone (quite a few of my friends and I have tried this lipstick and you should trust our opinion on this one)
  • Very pigmented
  • Smooth texture and creamy finish
  • Non shimmery (reds with shimmer are not my favourites)
  • Not expensive. This lipstick retails for 350 INR!
  • Does not stubbornly stain the lips


IMG_20130302_151833 Capture

Cons of Maybelline’s Fatal Red

Transfers easily and may need a couple of re-applications during the day.

Would Ushus recommend buying Maybelline’s Fatal Red?

Of course! For that price, the payoff in terms of quality and pigmentation is superb. If you like red lipsticks and like trying different shades and types, this one is definitely worth a try.

Where you can buy Maybelline Fatal Red

This lipstick is available at all Health and Glow outlets in India.  You can also find the lipstick at beauty counters in Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle.

Online stores in India that have Fatal Red, with price offers 🙂 current price = 332 Rs current price = 315 Rs current price = 345 Rs current price = 350


The lipstick is available online, for US residents at and to name a couple.


Let us know if you buy this lipstick and like it!



MAC FIX+ Review and DIY Option

25 Apr


Over the past couple of years, I have heard so much about MAC’s Fix+, that I decided I needed a bottle. I bought me one a couple of weeks ago and decided to share my findings and opinion.

This setting spray is supposed to be sprayed onto your face after you apply makeup. It is created to keep makeup in place for hours.

MAC’s description of FIX+

An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!

The box reads: A soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Hold bottle 12” away from face and spray evenly. Use before or after makeup.

Fix+ contains: Water, Glycerin, Cucumber and Chamomile extracts, to name a few. These ingredients help hydrate and moisturize skin.


What I like about MAC FIX+

  • It definitely keeps makeup looking fresh throughout the day.
  • I spritz on some after my makeup routine and my makeup stays vibrant and in place till the end of my work day. I’m talking about 10 to 11 hours ladies!
  • The bottle comes with a nozzle that has a lock system. This makes it easy to carry the product around without accidentally spraying it all over the place.
  • I always wear a powder compact and after a spray of this product, my makeup looks smoother and naturally textured. The powder appearance is diminished.
  • I learnt that wetting my eyeshadow applicator brush with the product and then swiping baked eyeshadow onto my eyes, gives the color a more vivid appearance.
  • Some YouTube MUGs use a spritz on their brushes before packing on loose pigments onto their eyes.
  • It has a light, pleasant fragrance that wakes my skin and senses up when I spray it.
  • I have never tried it on my skin before makeup application so I can’t comment on how that works.


What doesn’t stand out for me about MAC FIX+

  • I sometimes have it leaving splotches on my face if I forget to hold it far enough (12” is an uncomfortable distance away from your face). The splotches dry up in 30 seconds though, and don’t look blotchy, so that works for me.
  • The price. The product retails at 1150 INR and 21 USD.
  • May not be the best option for people with oily skin as it is known to work those oil glands. Someone did mention using it before priming and not after,  to avoid breaking out. I suggest you check with the sales assistant at MAC if you plan on getting yourself one of these, and if you have oily skin.

 My overall opinion

I will continue to use this product as it keeps my makeup looking fresh for hours on end. However, I am willing to try cheaper alternatives that are just as good.

I also plan on trying beautyandblog’s DIY fix spray. She uses glycerin, rose water and distilled water to make her own fixing spray. It sounds promising and you can see how she makes it, here –

If you do try either Fix+ or the DIY spray, let me know how you find it.



Chambor Rouge Plump 748 Lipstick Review

24 Apr

Chambor has 24 shades available in the Rouge Plump range of lipsticks, but you may not find all shades available at your local store.


The lipstick being reviewed belongs to my friend, Ushus. She shared her views for the product as she recently bought it and is quite impressed by it. The swatches and pictures are of the lipstick on her lips, to show you how it compliments anyone with her skin tone.

As the name suggests, this lipstick has a plumper in it. Chambor claims that the lipstick amplifies lips by 25%. They also pride themselves and claim that the lipstick is not tested on animals, has no animal ingredients and includes SPF15 that protects against UVA and UVB rays. 

Ushus’ opinion about the Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick 748


It is the perfect pink for someone with dusky skin. I have a warm yellow undertone and the lipstick pops with my complexion.

When I wear the 773, I don’t feel the need to wear any other makeup as my lips steal the show. I would describe the shade as electric pink. Just one swipe is all I need as this lipstick is quite pigmented. It definitely plumps my lips as they seem fuller after the tingling sensation dies down post application.



Pros of the Chambor Rouge Plump 748

  • Very moisturizing
  • Very pigmented
  • Smooth texture and creamy finish
  • Stays on for about three hours depending on what I eat
  • Does not dry my lips out
  • Does not stain lips


Cons of the Chambor Rouge Plump 748

Some may find the lipstick a tad expensive. It retails at 745 INR.



Would Ushus recommend buying the Chambor Rouge Plump 748?


Yes, definitely. She has no complaints about the lipstick. She loves the feel and colour of the product and recommends trying the shade, if you love pink lispsticks.




MAC Amplified Crème Lipstick in Impassioned

23 Apr

The Impassioned lipstick is from the Amplified Crème range of lipsticks by MAC. Mac describes the shade as ‘Amped up Fuschia’. I would describe it as the most charming pink shade with a subtle coral undertone.

IMG_5933 IMG_5936


Swatched under natural light

This lipstick looks great on me, but I think it is a shade that would complement any skin tone. My friend, who has a slightly dusky skin tone tried the lipstick on, and it looked fantastic on her too.


Why I love Impassioned

I love pink lipsticks, but I must say there is no pink shade I’ve come across, that compliments my features as much as Impassioned does. Apart from this, the lipstick is highly pigmented. And though it is matte, it is not as drying as mattes usually are. The lipstick has a staying power of 4 to 5 hours on my lips, which I think is amazing. And, when it fades, it does so evenly. I sometimes don’t apply a second layer and when I get home from work, I still have a pink hue on my lips, which I love.

The only downer is that the lipstick does not keep my lips moisturized for long. But I love it for the shade and pigmentation and to deal with the drying issue, I usually dab on a little lip salve when there is a need. Problem solved 🙂

IMG_5926 Capture2

Taken indoors, with flash                             Taken on a cloudy day, outdoors

This is one MAC lipstick I liked investing in. It retails at 990 INR and 15 USD.

Has anyone found a drugstore dupe that you would suggest? I haven’t come across one as yet.



DIY Detoxifying Chocolate Face Mask

21 Apr


Chocolate was not simply referred to as the food of the gods by the Aztecs. Studies show that chocolate has many properties that not only do miracles to your body from the inside, but from the outside as well.

As you know, chocolate is made from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans have antioxidant properties and healthy fats such as shea and cocoa butter. So, when chocolate is used on the skin, it not only detoxifies and cleanses your skin from pollution, it also moisturizes your skin and keeps it feeling supple after the mask is washed off.

You can make different variations of chocolate face masks, depending on your skin type. This is my version for combination to dry skin. You will need:

1 tbsp of dark cocoa powder

1 tsp of honey (moisturizes)

1 tsp turmeric powder (acts as a natural antiseptic and helps add a glow to your skin)

1 tbsp of yoghurt

IMG_5884 IMG_5886

Mix these ingredients in a small bowl and apply the mixture with your fingertips or with a brush onto your skin. Leave this mask on till it dries (about 15 to 20 minutes). Then, rinse off the mask and pat your face dry.

Clearer looking and softer skin makes this pack a favorite at home.

If you do give this mask a try, please let me know what you think of it. Or, if you have a mask that works wonders for dry to combination skin, please share it with me.