Makeup options for every makeup addict!

19 Apr

It is sometimes saddening that most makeup brands are not readily available at makeup counters in India. But the reason for me saying ‘sometimes sad’ is because most brands are now available to us Indians, and can be delivered to our doorsteps. This has been made possible by the wonderful array of online stores that now offer international shipping!

I have had a lot of my friends in India asking me where I get my makeup and tools from. So, I decided to share some information on the products that I have shopped for, online. The products that I am going to discuss are ones that I am happy to have spent my money on!

I know a lot of Indians are quite hesitant when it comes to shopping online. We worry about authenticity and quality. However, the stores we are about to discuss have many happy buyer reviews and have been proven safe to shop from.

Now, let’s start with my list…

Coastal Scents

You can find their products at

Eye shadow palettes

If you are looking for eye shadow palettes and have a limited budget, Coastal Scents has two palettes I love:

1. The 88 Warm Palette

I was exhilarated when I got this palette. It has, as you can see in the image below, an array of warm colours that would suit any skin tone. I love this palette as it has given me the chance to play around with different smoky eye and natural looks.


I think this palette is worth every penny. It costs 24.95 USD which roughly converts into 1380.00 INR. If you are lucky you may catch the palette on sale for just 12.95 USD which is roughly around 712 INR!

2. The 88 Original Palette

I absolutely love this palette. It has a mix of matte and shimmery colours. The colours are highly pigmented and are great for colourful light, vivid and bold looks.


This palette costs only 18.95 USD which roughly converts into 1040 INR. That is just as much as one MAC eye shadow would cost you!

If you are lucky you may catch the palette on sale for just 10.95 USD which is roughly around 600 INR!

Eye makeup brushes

Apart from MAC, I have found it very difficult to find myself some good makeup brushes in India that are affordable. So, I ordered quite a few of my brushes off Coastal Scents. The prices sometimes seem too good to be true! There are some brushes from the lot that I bought that I absolutely love and use almost every day. These are the only ones I am going to share my views on.

black pointed crease

Classic blender pointed natural

This brush is perfect for defining the crease of your eye. It costs only 2.95 USD which is roughly around 162 INR. I know, great price, isn’t it? It is a great brush to add to your collection.


Classic mini detail brush

I love this brush! For just 2.49 USD, which is roughly around 137 INR, I think this the perfect brush when trying to get intricate details into your look. It also doubles up as an eyebrow filler brush.

While these are just a few products I reviewed, they have a range of palettes that are easy on the pocket and worth every dime. Coastal Scents ships worldwide and offers free shipping to people living in Continental USA if your orders are above 50 USD

2. Cherry Culture

You can find their products at

NYX Cosmetics is a beauty brand that is not always available in India. But they have some great products. After looking around I noticed that Cherryculture offers a good price range for these products. I bought some NYX goodies from this store and I am happy with almost everything.

Mentioned below are some of the products I would suggest from NYX.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

jumb penc

This is my favourite NYX product.

These pencils act as great bases for eye makeup. They are available in many colours and cost only 4.50 USD which is roughly around 250 INR.
My personal favourite jumbo pencils are  Milk, Dark Brown, Black Bean and Purple.

You can sometimes find these pencils available in India at but the range of shades may not always be available and each pencil is priced at 425 INR.

NYX Powder Blushes

nyx bl

My personal favourite is Peach which is a beautiful soft pink shade.

These blushes come in great colours for just 5.95 USD which is roughly around 330 INR. You may find the blushes at as well for 450 to 650 INR

NYX Megashine Lipglosses


These lipglosses are fantastic and I haven’t found a drugstore brand to compare to the feel of these glosses on my lips. They come in a variety of shades and colours and can be worn on their own or over a lipstick.
They are available for 5.50 USD which roughly calculates to 300.00 INR. You may find the glossies at as well for 318 to 475 INR
My personal favourites are Beige, Smokey Look, and Miami Babe.

Nyx has a lot of other products like the lip creams that are being ranted about (on my list). The brand is slowly becoming available in India and a birdie told me that Sephora, which has opened in Delhi, has Nyx products available too!

Other products you may love shopping for on cherryculture are the Ardell falsies, the infamous beauty blender, and brands like Girlactik, Model in a bottle, Palladio, and L.A Colors.

3. StrawberryNET

You can find them at

This website offers you high-end brands at discounted rates. It is a great online store for skincare, makeup, hair products and fragrances.

They have regular discounts on already discounted products and what’s more … Shipping is FREE internationally!!!

You may not always find everything you need from a brand but they have some great offers and discounts on all major brands. To name a few makeup brands – NARS, MAC, Stila, TooFaced, Becca, Benefit, Scott Barnes, Chanel, Shu Uemura, The Balm and many more…

They also have some great skin care brands like H2O+, Dermaceuticals, Clarins, Clinique etc.

Apart from these categories, you will also find a wide array of haircare , mens’s care, gifts, and perfumes for affordable prices. What’s more, the site is so easy to access. It is user friendly and the currency can be set to the country you are shipping from! This means, you get to see the price of products in your local currency.

Please Note:
These are products that I have bought with my own money and I have not been paid to review them. They are my personal choices and I hope you like them too.

(Pictures for products courtesy cherryculture, coastalscents and NYX)



4 Responses to “Makeup options for every makeup addict!”

  1. Miss Chanelli April 21, 2013 at 2:11 pm #

    I keep hearing about coastal scents. That’s right, i am going to purchase one of their products!!

  2. Tuhina Nath January 30, 2014 at 6:30 am #

    How long do they take to deliver the items to India? I tried ordering from, they took almost 2.5 months !!

    • beautyinformer July 16, 2014 at 5:11 am #

      I’m sorry it took that long Tuhina, I got mine in a fortnight. But I went for express shipping and I find it safer. A tad bit pricey but worth the peace of mind 🙂

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