Maybelline’s Fatal Red Lipstick Review and Offers

26 Apr

Capture fatal redFatal Red is from Maybelline’s Color Sensational range of lipsticks. They have 68 shades to choose from but a couple of girls I know swear by Fatal Red. This lipstick is my friend, Ushus’ favorite Red. She loves red lipsticks, and for her to call this her favorite, sets the bar high enough for me to have her review it for anyone interested in a bold red lipstick that’s pocket friendly and worthy of being slapped on any pair of lips. I have included online offers and where you can get this lipstick at a discount, after the review.

Ushus’ opinion about Maybelline’s Fatal Red

This is my favorite red lipstick as I love blood red lips. The color is bold and I never feel short of a diva when I wear it. This is because the color goes so well with my dusky complexion. I have a warm undertone and this shade looks great on me, but I know it will suit cooler skin tones too.


Pros of Maybelline’s Fatal Red

  • Suits any Indian skin tone (quite a few of my friends and I have tried this lipstick and you should trust our opinion on this one)
  • Very pigmented
  • Smooth texture and creamy finish
  • Non shimmery (reds with shimmer are not my favourites)
  • Not expensive. This lipstick retails for 350 INR!
  • Does not stubbornly stain the lips


IMG_20130302_151833 Capture

Cons of Maybelline’s Fatal Red

Transfers easily and may need a couple of re-applications during the day.

Would Ushus recommend buying Maybelline’s Fatal Red?

Of course! For that price, the payoff in terms of quality and pigmentation is superb. If you like red lipsticks and like trying different shades and types, this one is definitely worth a try.

Where you can buy Maybelline Fatal Red

This lipstick is available at all Health and Glow outlets in India.  You can also find the lipstick at beauty counters in Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle.

Online stores in India that have Fatal Red, with price offers 🙂 current price = 332 Rs current price = 315 Rs current price = 345 Rs current price = 350


The lipstick is available online, for US residents at and to name a couple.


Let us know if you buy this lipstick and like it!




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