Blogger in Focus – Ashley Gardner

17 May


I got to know Ashley when I wrote my first post on Beauty Informer. What I like about her blog, Life of a Housewife, is that she blogs about everything I love – shopping, makeup, product reviews, and recipes. She started her blog quite recently, but she is a regular blogger and I like some of the ideas she comes up with. She recently organized a link exchange to help bloggers get recognized and this inspired me to help fellow bloggers get more recognition. That’s how I came up with the ‘Blogger in focus’ plan. So, I dedicate my first post in this section to Ashley 🙂

About Ashley

She is a Military wife who loves shopping, baking, crafts, country music and Starbucks. Ashley is, as she calls herself, “A total girly girl, makeup junkie, and shopping addict.” She lives in California, with her husband and their 3 kittens, Lucy, Lola, & Nellie.

What Ashley blogs about

She loves to share her passion for makeup, fashion, cooking,  baking, home décor and shopping, with everyone who shares similar interests. Her goal is for her website to entertain and give ideas to women of all interests and backgrounds. She says, “Whether you’re a housewife, a career woman, a stay at home mom, and everything in between, Life of a Housewife is perfect.” “It’s unique, girly (of course!), and has character.”

Samples from Ashley’s blog

Please click on the images to read more!

ash1 ash


If Life of a Housewife sparks your curiosity, and you haven’t visited the blog yet, follow Ashley to see what she has to offer!



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