Blogger in Focus: Marie – estycare

21 May

Marie ppic

Marie is a skincare, beauty and makeup blogger and she hosts the blog estycare on wordpress. I got to know her during the first weeks of my blogging activities. What instantly drew me to following Marie is her passion not only towards blogging, but also towards her readers. I remember asking her a skin related question and she promptly wrote back to me asking me for  details and giving me suggestions.

About Marie
Marie is twenty four and she is a licensed esthetician. She went to school for Esthetics in 2011, graduated in June of 2012 and got her license in February of 2013. She says she is, “A total makeup junkie who has an obsession for beauty, skincare and makeup.” She got into the skin care industry because she loves helping people and making people feel beautiful. She enjoys interacting with people who have the same interests she does. She also enjoys getting to know her readers and being there for them if they need beauty queries answered.

What Marie blogs about
Marie struggled with acne and she says, although she doesn’t have the worst skin, it affected her self-esteem at times. Marie created her blog to help people feel beautiful in their own skin and love themselves 100%. And as an esthetician, she tries to help people find the best in their skin, see all of their potential – even on “bad skin days” and better their self-esteem in any way. She says, “Whether that be with a facial, treatment, makeup application, or even just a conversation.” She also says, “I truly care about people and hope that this blog can help, even if it is just one person.”

Marie reviews and gives her honest opinion about beauty and skincare products. She also includes FOTDs and OOTDs occasionally. As she’s an esthetician, she also shares skin care advice on her blog. She has not come across many esthetician’s blogging so she assures her readers that they are getting educated posts and educated responses to any questions that need answers to. So, if you have skin problems, just drop Marie a visit and I assure you, she will help you as best she can.

Samples from Marie’s blog

Click on the image samples to read more.


marie 2

marie 3

Marie ppic1



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