Blogger in focus: Katie Hunter

22 May


Katie Hunter is a beauty and fashion blogger. She hosts a blog called A Little South.

About Katie

She is twenty and studies biochemistry at Nottingham University, England. She was born in South Africa and has been living in England for a few years. She loves the sense of style in England and finds it unique and individual. She is passionate about music, beauty, style and writing. She occasionally tries her hand at writing music and novels, apart from blogging. She would like to be in journalism one day.

Katie’s inspiration to blog

Her passion for blogging was triggered by reading blogs. In particular, she loved reading She loved the host’s sense of style and the way she described products. Katie always loved writing, so she thought to herself, “Why don’t I write a blog too?” That thought developed into a reality called A Little South.

What Katie blogs about

She mainly blogs about beauty, makeup and fashion. Her posts range from reviews and tutorials, to outfits and favorites.

A sample of Katie’s posts

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Katie’s blogging plans, in her words

I’d love people to visit my blog, as I love to interact with people in the blogging community. I’d like to hear their thoughts on my blog and in turn, I’d like to find out more about their blogs. My personal style is a mix of girliness, with some piercings and tattoos thrown into the mix. I always give my honest opinion on products, and I don’t always jump on the bandwagon when it comes to popular products (although if they do work for me then I will hop on and rave all the way!) I also love discovering little-known products that really work, and sharing them with my readers.



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