Blogger in Focus: Ashley Blushly

24 May

Ashley Blushly1





Ashley hosts blushbeauty on wordpress. She is a beauty specialist and fitness guru. I love her blog because it hosts everything from fashion and DIY projects to health, beauty and fitness. Her posts are always perfect for the season and her readers!




About Ashley

She is an aspiring Family Doctor and currently in college. She is also a former UCA Cheerleader, and teaches yoga to a loving group of women on weekdays. She lives in Florida in her small dorm with her roommate, Cydney, and their two doggies, Rusty and Ryder. All of her life, she has been interested in all forms of beauty; whether it’s facial, hair, or body care.

What Ashley blogs about

Her blog hosts a large spectrum of topics. She has makeup tutorials, homemade facial care, hair tutorials, simple DIYs, weekly fashion trend updates, and even fitness fun!

Her passion for blogging started when she was very young. She was always on Tumblr and different blogging sites. Her blogs on the other sites were either about fitness or just fashion. She never got to blog about everything she wanted to talk about, under one roof. So, when Ashley found this website, she decided to try it and combine everything she loves, into one blog. She says, “I wanted to share my passions with other people.” She also says, “My blog is very unique because I don’t really use over the top products and my stuff is very relatable to the average person.” “The products that I use are nearly all  found at the drug store.” The only products that she uses that reach up to high price ranges are palettes of shadows, but she always gives cheaper substitutes. Also, her posts relate too the average person because they are simple, everyday things that anyone could do/try. She says, “My DIYs only consist of a few household items, yet I turn them into trendy pieces.”

This blog is worth following because it truly is a one-stop-shop. No one has time these days to Google every single thing they need. Instead they could just click on Ashley’s blog and find out how to get killer abs while also learning how to get longer lashes.

Samples from Ashley’s blog

Click on an image to visit Ashley





Ashley Blushly2

To view Ashley’s post about me and my blog, click here!



2 Responses to “Blogger in Focus: Ashley Blushly”

  1. Beauty by Tellie (@BeautybyTellie) May 24, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    Interesting concept here. Will definitely check out other features and hopefully beef up my reading list with worthwhile finds. Thanks for doing this!

    • beautyinformer May 24, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

      Thanks for appreciating the idea 🙂
      Please click my facebook and pinterest buttons if you would like more info that is worthwhile amidst the storm of information on the web xx
      Love n hugs for stopping by

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