Blogger in focus: Tanya from Fashion.Style.Passion

29 May





Tanya is a beautiful fashion blogger and she hosts FASHION.STYLE.PASSION.





About Tanya

She is a 20 year old fashionista from Barbados. She is currently at university, majoring in International Business. She would love to be a fashion stylist in the future and waits to see how that works out. She says, “I am in love with fashion [obviously!] and dance.” She lives with her mother and Tanya wants to publicly thank her for all the support she’s given her in this journey.

Tanya’s passion to blog started when she bought an iPad in 2012 and created an Instagram account. She saw this as her way to get her opinion out there in the world, and it was going well. But then, the time came, to start something new. This was when she decided to start a blog. She says, “I had a chance to talk my fingers off about fashion, this was my chance!”  “Thinking back, I was always a bit obsessed with clothes and dressing up when I was a little girl.” She remembers being punished for wasting her granny’s nail polish – she was too young to apply it correctly [LOL].


What Tanya blogs about

Fashion and Beauty! The blog features haul posts, style inspiration, fashion show coverage and motivational quotes.

Tanya’s aim, through her blog, is to give inspiration in life and in fashion using inspirational quotes and outfit ideas, personally created by her, for her followers.

What makes her blog unique is:

  • She brings a Caribbean [Barbadian] perspective on global fashion.
  • She also features a lot of cheaper products in her posts because the products that she sees most of the bloggers raving about are more expensive where she lives. For example, a  $5 [USD] lipstick will cost at least $10 in Barbados.
  • Another thing that makes the blog unique is that she is also focused on creating better lives for people. She says, “I cannot give them money to help them with their financial problems or a house for them and their children, but I can give them a little inspiration.”

Tanya believes this can help her followers see the positives in their lives and that eventually everything will change for the better.


Samples from Tanya’s blog














Before I close my post, I must thank Tanya for talking about me and my blog to her readers.  This is a great way to connect with people who share similar interests. I love her blog and I hope you do too. Please click her follow button and subscribe to her, to show her some love!




3 Responses to “Blogger in focus: Tanya from Fashion.Style.Passion”

  1. FASHIONKILLLA June 8, 2013 at 6:46 pm #

    awe she’s so cute!!! I used this article as a related article on my blog and would love for you to check it out

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