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Blogger in Focus: Farrah

28 Jun





Farrah hosts a beauty and style blog called It Girl.






About Farrah

She is an 18 years old pharmacy college student doing her 1st year and she says she loves it. Her dream is to open her own medical lab one day and be able to make her own line of cosmetics, especially skin products since she is obsessed with them.

Farrah also plays the piano and she folk dances.

What Farrah blogs about

Farrah says, “I’m new here and my Blog is about beauty (make up, skin products, hair products, hauls, reviews, advice…), fashion (clothing haul, OOTDs, tips on outfits, certain trends), and since I’m a fitness nut then I HAD TO blog about health and fitness and share my experience and give exercise routines.”

In addition to that she posts yummy and healthy recipes in her “Health and fitness series” and other kinds of recipes upon request (she says this is work in progress). As for DIYs, she  will post some  hair and face masks in the near future.

She says, “My passion for fashion started to prosper 2 years ago when I first got subscribed to my Seventeen magazine and I got to know the fashion/beauty community as it is.” She goes on to add, ” Then I started seeing small columns about bloggers who blog about their passion for fashion, yet I wasn’t confident enough to do it.” But she now feels comfortable in her own skin and feels she is ready to share whatever she has, with the world. She wants to inspire and be inspired.

Farrah says her blog stands out because, not only does it have variety, but it also makes itself a creative outlet for her. The topics she blogs about are subjects that she is passionate about, and she says she is writing with an honest voice.  She says, “There isn’t any form of copying other people and stealing thoughts since I didn’t wait all this time to start my blog so I can copy cat.”

She adds, “I’m still in the beginning of my journey and I’m loving it already, I’m benefiting a lot, and I’m making some friends from now.” She hopes it stays like that and if it doesn’t, she says, “I’m gonna hang in there because it’s natural to pass through cycles of high and low. Even when I feel disappointed I’m not going to quit! So come along and join me in my journey.”

Samples from Farrah’s blog, It Girl

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If you haven’t already visited Farrah’s blog, click on the image below to visit her, welcome her, and show her some love!




Wine & Oatmeal face mask n’ scrub

27 Jun


Today, I’ve decided to share my homemade wine and oatmeal facemask that also doubles up as a face scrub. So, I will tell you how to make this and share my way of using it as a great gift for birthdays and the likes.

Here is what you will need:

  • A glass or plastic jar to contain the final product
  • Enough oatmeal to fill the jar
  • A teaspoon each of nutmeg and cinnamon powder
  • A bottle of wine

Putting the face mask and scrub together:

  • Dry-grind the oatmeal to a coarse powder
  • Add the nutmeg and cinnamon and mix well
  • Spoon the powder into the jar and tie the neck of the jar with a pretty ribbon. You can include a message if you like with instructions on how to use the product.

IMG_6390 IMG_6391

How to use the product:

  • Spoon enough of the powder into a bowl for one use
  • Add enough red wine to the powder till it forms a paste (add a few drops of honey if you have dry skin)
  • Gently massage this paste on your face and leave it on till it dries (avoid the eye area)
  • Wet the dried mask on your face, and gently scrub your face
  • Rinse your face well and pat dry
  • Write to me and let me know the results you see 🙂

Why this mask and scrub is good for your skin

  1. It has wine –  is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and can enhance the skin’s resistance. Also promotes blood circulation and gives you glowing skin
  2. It has nutmeg – has antiseptic properties and is said to lighten scars
  3. It has cinnamon – is known to help with acne.
  4. It has oatmeal – contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe itchy, dry and irritated skin.  Also great for acne-prone skin because it absorbs oil from the skin’s surface.

This sweetheart is packed with goodness and I now use it once a week. I have started to notice a glow and my skin feels suppler. My skin hasn’t broken out from the time I started using this pack.

Let me know if you try it or if you have tried something similar.

Till later loves!


Try this look Tuesday Vol. 3 (Lea Michele, Jessica Alba and more!)

25 Jun

I recently collaborated with the beautiful Stephanie from Elegant Rebel Beauty to recreate a celebrity inspired look. To give you some context about this series, every week, Stephanie sends a celebrity look to another blogger for them to recreate, photograph and send her the results. That blogger in turn, selects a celeb look for her. She recreates it, photographs it, and posts the results.
I found this collaboration so much fun. Here is the post that Stephanie put together. It includes Michele’s recreation of a Jessica Alba look and two celeb looks that Michele and I chose for Stephanie.

She's Gone Green *a greener life through beauty, fashion, nature and compassion*

Intro: So I’ve had this post written and ready since this morning, and my internet has been acting up all day, only giving me short bursts of access and then being a jerk again. I’m releasing the post early, (so I guess it’s Try This Look Monday this week!) because I worry that the issue with my internet is going to continue tomorrow. I would hate to have it just be down all day, rendering me unable to release the post at all!

Happy Tuesday, (edit: Er, Monday….) dolls! If you’re just joining us for Try this look Tuesday (TTLT), here’s a brief rundown of this exciting feature. Every week, I send a celebrity look to another blogger for them to recreate, photograph and send me the results. That blogger selects a celeb look for me, I copy it as best I can, photograph it, and voila! We have a super fun…

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Blogger in focus: Allyson Upsher

22 Jun

Allyson owns All Things Ally on BlogSpot.



About Allyson

Allyson is a 20 year old college senior. She is studying Sociology/Criminology. She says, ” I would love to someday be a part of the DEA or a K-9 unit.” She adds, “I wasn’t always the “typical girlie girl” but makeup was something I was always interested in, and good at.”

One of her dreams is to become a freelance makeup artist. She says, “For me, makeup is an art form, and our faces are the blank canvases.”


What Allyson blogs about

She mainly blogs about makeup. She does hauls, reviews and tutorials.  However, she also likes to blog about other things. So, she sometimes posts recipes, DIYs and she has 2 posts that she does called Pinterest Interest and What I’m loving Wednesday. These posts don’t always have to do with beauty or makeup.

Allyson says, “I wanted my blog to be a place where I could share the things I love with other people with the main focus being beauty and makeup.” She also says, “I feel as though my blog is a place for me to express myself.” While the blog focuses on beauty she loves to incorporate other things that interest her too. She states that her blog is a place for people to get to know her.

When asked about what got her started, she said, “The YouTube beauty community triggered my passion for blogging.” She has been watching YouTube beauty videos for a while now and she wanted to be a part of a beauty community. However, she did not want to make videos. She soon realized that blogging was an option.

After doing some research she soon found that there was another beauty community – the blogging world! And she was so excited. Allyson started her blog about three years ago but felt discouraged at a point, and stopped blogging. In January of 2012, she decided she was going to start blogging again. She says it was only this month that she connected with some really amazing beauty bloggers, and because of that, she restarted her blog.

What you can find on All Things Ally

Click on the images to read more and visit Allyson’s blog






Before I close I’d like to thank Allyson for sharing her bio for the Blogger in Focus series. I enjoyed visiting you blog Allyson, and my advice to you is to continue blogging because you are good at it. I am sure you will find many more friends via the blog community. I hope you meet some of the lovely people I know, via this post and my blog 🙂

Lovelies, if you haven’t already visited Allyson’s blog, please stop by her blog and say hello her. You will like her!



DIY Shower Jellies

21 Jun



Inspired by the bath jellies I saw at the Lush counter, I decided to look up a DIY recipe and make my own. So here is my version of bath jellies with ingredients that I easily found at my local super market.





The procedure is as simple as 1,2 and 3!

1. Melt one sachet of gelatin in 240ml of hot, distilled water. Ensure the gelatin dissolves completely and let it cool till it is lukewarm.

2. Then add 100 to 150 ml of shower gel to the mixture. You can use any shower gel. Mix well.

3. Pour the mixture into a mold of your choice and allow it to set in your refrigerator – I used small heart shaped molds. Once set, the soap can be unmolded and stored in a glass or plastic container.


I keep my little heart jellies in the fridge and help myself to one when I want to take a shower. Because of the heat in Bangalore, they usually melt when I keep them out of my refrigerator. 😦

I am still looking for a recipe that gives me jellies I don’t have to store in the fridge. If you know of a DIY, I would love if you could share the web link with me.

The DIY that inspired my DIY


If you haven’t tried making bath jellies, you should give this one a try. It is so much fun to make and use!


Shopcade – A beauty and fashion addict’s paradise

20 Jun




If you haven’t already checked this cool space on the web, you should. Here is why you will like Shopcade.



  • It is an online destination for all beauty and fashion supplies. It is a common space that combines all the best in beauty and fashion.
  • On the site, you can browse for items you want and when you click the buy button, it immediately takes you to the store that sells the product. Isn’t that cool?
  • And, if you do not wish to buy the product at that moment, you could save it in a personal list for later. Your lists can be organized into products you want to products you swear by etc.
  • You can always visit your list and purchase an item saved there. But the best part is that the site informs you about offers and discounts on products you save!
  • Another interesting offer is the option to tag a friend when you find a product you love. They have an interesting offer when you tag friends.
  • You can link your Facebook account to your Shopcade account and inform friends about fashion and beauty finds.
  • They showcase a stock of items from many different retailers and designers. Every beauty and fashion lover will find something interesting on this site.

More information about Shopcade

So, this website has done us good by housing everything you could ever want to shop for, under one roof. The app is easy to use and I enjoyed browsing and creating my first wish list. Here it is 🙂


Notice the little red hearts on my wish list. They inform you about current offers and discounts on a product in your list. Isn’t that cool? Also notice my last product – It gives you a glance at the option you have when you click on a product – you can either add it to a wanted list, tag a friend or shop for it.

I love this site and I am glad I got to hear about it through etailPR.

By the way, I also wanted to let you lovely people know that etailPR is currently running a competition with ASOS and Shopcade that you shouldn’t miss. Click here to know more!

Till later xoxo


Blogger in focus: Megan Daly

19 Jun





Megan owns Blondes Love Cupcakes on WordPress. Her blog is dedicated to her passion for social media, nail art, beauty products and baked goods.




About Megan

She is a 23 year old, relatively new Irish blogger who is obsessed with nails, beauty product and social media. She has studied creative writing, so she is glad to get a chance to put her skills into practice. She says, “I’m addicted to social media and go to the internet to find out how to do everything from nail art to dip-dye hair colouring… so, I love blogging about things that other people can hopefully learn from too!” Megan also loves cats, dogs, and anything furry in general.

She mentions that she has built a great relationship with other bloggers and loves the sense of community she feels in the beauty bloggersphere. I agree with Megan and love the positive energy I receive from all the wonderful bloggers I have gotten to know over the past few months.

Megan’s passion for blogging was triggered by her need to research and google nail art to learn how to create looks and get inspiration for her own designs. She says, “So I thought that I would write my own posts and hopefully inspire others like I’ve been inspired!”

What Megan blogs about

She blogs about nail art and nail art products in general. But, she also does reviews on beauty goodies when she has the time. She usually posts anything that catches her attention and that she thinks other people would find interesting. She is also always happy to answer any questions her readers may have!

When asked why her blog is unique, Megan replied, “I think that because I’m not a professional, my nail art looks are easy enough for other amateur nail artists to copy.” She also adds on to her statement by saying, “However, I  don’t only feature nailart so there is something for everyone on my blog!”

Samples from Megan’s blog

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Megan has a user friendly blog, and I absolutely enjoyed reading her posts. I am definitely going to try some of her nail art tutorials. She makes them seem so easy. If you haven’t already visited Megan’s blog, click on the image below to see some more goodness her blog has to offer.