Blogger in focus: Hayley Walker

3 Jun





Hayley is a lifestyle and beauty blogger. She hosts a blog called Tea Party Beauty.





About Hayley

Hayley is a blogger from Leeds who has a passion for all things linked to beauty and vintage. She says, “I used to be a beauty therapist (many moons ago) and I now work in the exciting world of finance.”

Hayley always reads blogs and she usually does a quick Google search for product reviews when she is out and about, shopping. She says, “One rainy Sunday, I decided that I read a lot of blogs and I would love to have a go at it myself.” She also says, “I didn’t for a million years think I would get any readers let alone any followers.” Now, she is inspired to blog by the lovely community there is out there in blog world and the amazing comments she gets. She says, “This is enough to make me want to stay in a few nights a week and type away at my little laptop for hours on end.” Her last statement reminds me of myself 🙂

What Hayley blogs about

Hayley’s blog, Tea Party Beauty, is about lifestyle and beauty. Her blog features products reviews, books reviews and general life posts. There are also a few posts about her little finds at vintage shops, fairs and charity shops. Hailey says, “I love a good vintage bargain.”

Hayley sweetly mentions that there are thousands of beauty blogs out there and that each one is unique because the people writing them are. This was in response to my question about why her blog was unique.

Hayley’s blog isn’t just about beauty as she puts a lot of herself into her posts to make them personal. There is a lot of vintage on her blog, and a few DIY ideas which I think sets her blog apart slightly. Plus, Hayley adds, “I am unique therefore my blog is, as it’s about my life in words.” I agree!!

Samples from Hayley’s blog

Click on the images to visit Hayley’s blog and know more








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