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DIY Natural Body Butter

28 Sep


Hello my lovelies. Here is a body butter I recently made thanks to Ekta, from Green Junction who kindly arranged some Shea butter for me. Ekta, you are the best!

So let’s jump straight into how I made my butter (that I love so much)!

What I used

300gms of cocoa butter

50 gms of shea butter

2tbsp of coconut oil

2tbsp of sweet almond oil

2tbsp of vitamin E oil

1tsp of honey

8gms of beeswax

A few drops of sandalwood, lavender and geranium essential oil


How I made the potion

In a double boiler, I melted the shea and cocoa butter, with the beeswax.


I then added the coconut, sweet almond and Vitamin E oils to the melted butters. I mixed them well and added the honey and essential oils.


After that, I let the mixture cool down and partly solidify, and I then beat it with a blender till it was a thick, smooth, buttery, consistency.

IMG_1426 IMG_1427

I finally bottled it in a sterile glass jar.


And voilà, I now have myself a jar of natural body butter.

I find this butter very moisturising and it gets absorbed into the skin in seconds.

If any of you ladies try this recipe, please leave me a comment letting me know how it turns out. And, if you have a DIY similar to this one, please share it with me. You know I love DIYs 🙂

Oh, and before I leave, I thought I’d ask you to check Ekta’s store on Ebay. She has some cool stuff in her store at the moment, like shea and mango body butter. She also has salts and clays that you may like!

Enjoy the rest of the week beauties.

Till later xo